Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is an instrument authorizing another to act as your agent or attorney-in-fact.

With a power of attorney, you name someone to act in your place, name and stead as your “Agent.” A power of attorney may be General (broad or all-inclusive) or Special (limited to certain uses). It may become effective immediately or become valid upon your disability (a springing power of attorney).

A power of attorney is void upon your death and also upon your disability unless you direct that it be effective in the event of your disability (a durable power of attorney). You may combine the characteristics you need into one power of attorney.

It’s a good idea to update your power of attorney about every 2-3 years. Most banks look at an older power of attorney as being “stale” and will not honor your power of attorney if it is too old. Some banks even require that a power of attorney be on their own pre-printed form and not be older than 1-2 years. Check with your own bank regarding their requirements.

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