What is a funeral trust?

With 93% of seniors opting not to purchase long term care insurance, many older adults are at risk of having their estates plundered if and when the need arises for long term care.

Funding a Funeral Trust safeguards assets from a nursing home or Medicaid, an issue that a majority of older people are concerned about.

Legal Awareness for Seniors spearheaded the campaign in Arizona to recognize the Funeral Trust as a viable tool for long term care planning. The assets are fully exempt from garnishment, attachment, execution and other seizure.

The Funeral Trust can be written on anybody up to age 99. The Funeral Trust is Nursing Home and ALTCS (Medicaid) exempt, making it safe from the dreaded nursing home “spend down” and it is fully transportable to any funeral home.

At a future date, someone will be responsible for making your funeral arrangements and paying for them.

Who will that be? How will they pay for your funeral? This is an unnecessary burden that can easily be avoided.

If you or a loved one would like the peace of mind afforded by our Funeral Trust, please call us to schedule a complimentary meeting.

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