Lenny Trujillo

Lenny TrujilloLenny Trujillo

While growing up, I dreamed of becoming a businessman performing an important function in my community. I was unaware that I would become an Estate Planer helping senior citizens and others.

You may ask, “Who is this Lenny Trujillo?”

I grew up in a small community in Northern New Mexico to a family that was well structured with strong work ethic. I was one of five children who all had chores assigned. One of my early mentors was my great grand-mother, who was over six feet tall, smoked two packs of Salems a day and made me some of the best snacks and special deserts. Sounds crazy, but I had some of my best conversations with that woman.
My school was a private one taught by the Christian Brothers in Santa Fe. Upon graduation, I attended college in Phoenix, Arizona and begin my business career.|

Living in Phoenix and 29 years of age, I married my wonderful wife, Laurie. Three years later our daughter, Cheyenne, was born, she was a premature baby, being born at just over one pound, she has been my hero throughout her life. She is now a beautiful young lady of 18 attending Northern Arizona University.

Working in the business world for 25 years, I achieved success in sales and management, often earning awards while working with and hiring hundreds of people and building businesses from the ground up.

Through all of this, I never felt like I was in the place I could be for the rest of my life, I was searching for my purpose.

Early on, I realized I could communicate with older people easily, and I received great satisfaction and success in doing so. Their stories of their own success, background and traditions, I found fascinating. Some of these folks have developed into life long friendships.

A long time friend of mine in Phoenix who was working with an attorney in Elder Law introduced me to my business of today. Through him, I became very interested and have been drawn to helping people plan their family legacy, which could only be described as intriguing and fascinating.

I earned my licenses in Life and Health Insurance then worked four years in the business to learn everything possible in Estate Planning to become certified by the Supreme Court to produce Revocable Trusts and other legal documents. Moreover, I know the importance of educating seniors to conserve their resources for their families. I learned about the downfalls of probate and how to show the seniors and families how to circumvent it.

In conclusion, I know what I do for a living is where I need to be in this life. I love helping people, in particular Seniors, to assist them with their estate planning, which will benefit not only them but every family member involved.