How Can ALTCS Help Me?

ALTCS stands for Arizona Long Term Care System and is Arizona’s branch of Medicaid. Applicants must qualify medically and financially in order to receive these benefits. If you do qualify for ALTCS this will cover the cost of acute care services, nursing home care, home and community based services, and services for developmentally disabled adults and children.

ALTCS does require quite a bit of planning. There are estate planning documents that can be put in to place before applying for ALTCS that will help increase the chances of qualifying. Each year 73% of all applicants are denied because they did not have prior proper planning.

It will take a minimum of 45 days to process the application. Many times they will come back and ask for more documentation. Before applying you must:

  • Meet the age and/or disability requirements
  • Verify citizenship status and identity
  • Verify your Social Security Number
  • Verify your marital status (if married)
  • Living in ALTCS qualified home or facility
  • Apply for all potential benefits
  • Assign your rights to health benefits to AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System)
  • Pass the Pre-Admission Screening process
  • Meet the financial requirements
  • Have no transfer of assets in the past 5 years that would disqualify you for long term care

There is some pre-planning involved when applying for ALTCS. It would be best to meet with a consultant to give you guidance for your specific situation. Many who try to do this on their own are unaware of some of the penalties that could exist if their estate was managed incorrectly.

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